Courage Gala – Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation

The Courage Gala is an 850-guest sold-out gala for which we execute the event management, campaign video with a custom audio brand, and video vignettes released strategically throughout the marketing campaign. We are so honoured and proud to have won “Best Fundraiser” at the 2017 Edmonton Event Awards alongside the Glenrose.  In that one evening, with the strong support of the community, we were able to raise a record-breaking $2 Million dollars, including a jaw-dropping donation by the Chadi family for one million dollars to support pediatric rehabilitation. We are extremely grateful for the ongoing opportunity to work with the Glenrose team of staff, volunteers and patient ambassadors.


Sold out venue of 850 guests

Record-breaking almost $2 million raised in one evening (including a jaw-dropping $1 million donation by the Chadi Family)

Video Marketing Campaign and Courage Anthem Audio Brand organically generated in two short weeks nearly 15,000 video views, reached over 65,000 targeted audience using keywords and geographics of only ticket buyers and Glenrose Supporters and generated just over 100 shares and over 4,800 post engagements.

Custom, décor handmade by volunteers and designed by ID Bohemia using recycled and upcycled Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital materials including wheelchair wheels and tires to help patients with mobility challenges, body casts molded from actual Glenrose patients, orthosis (braces) for rehabilitating or treating spinal curvatures and fractures, retired foot and leg prostheses, orthoses, and moulds, and legacy speech generating communication devices from yesteryear.

Inclusive patient engagement through live personal journal readings by Glenrose ambassadors showcasing the lows and highs of their rehabilitation journey.

Coordination of nearly 80 volunteers and over 1,000 volunteer hours to help with execution, including handcrafting custom décor for creative event design themes