There is no denying the universal power of music. This is without a doubt our most unique and passionate specialization, and what is indeed the “Sound” in “PlanIt Sound”: infusing music into marketing campaigns and special events like no other production house or agency can. We take your organization’s key messaging and create a customized original musical anthem of chart-topping musicality. We make your key messaging sound cool, and connect with your audience in the most compelling way possible, through music and melody that gets stuck in their head. You know that annoying jingle you can’t stop singing? That was us. Remember that cool campaign song and video that got shared on Facebook a million times? Us. We are the most experienced agency in the market when it comes to walking the fine line of stand-out creative musical production, and corporate key messaging. We have close networks with the most talented local and international recording artists who will make your musical anthem sound like it came straight from the Top 10 radio charts. We are also able to provide our clients with nationwide auditions of professional voice actors to find that perfect, exclusive voice actor to match your organization’s feel and brand. We offer consistent and proven measurables of success in helping our clients go viral online through the power of music.

We specialize in: audio brands, jingles, radio commercials, TV commercials, musical anthems, event anthems and campaign songs.