PlanIt Sound

When we officially launched our company in 2009, our focus was passion and expertise.  What could we strive to be the best at in a highly competitive market, how could we continue to specialize in our craft, and why would we love everyday of our career?  

In evaluating our strengths and experience, we created a dual vision for PlanIt Sound Inc.: To actively engage with our thriving community, while helping to grow the business brands of high profile organizations through the power of high quality creative video, musical anthems and special events.  We untiringly pursue the production of exceptionally imaginative creative, and we possess a unique ability for bringing your creative to market with a splash.




“Business is community.
And community is our business.”

These are the words that drive me, and this is how I endeavour to evolve and grow as a business owner.

I began creating the space for positive change at an early age.  At just six yrs old, I was so eager to learn in school that I was the first to wake each and every morning to make my own lunch and watch the sunrise from my family’s living room couch.  By age 8, I wrote our Premier at the time, Don Getty, with a request to enhance my schools’ recycling program.  Months later, each student in our school received a desktop recycle box.  

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My family went on to foster at-risk youth throughout my adolescence, inspiring a relentless passion within me to advocate for at-risk youth and persons with disabilities.  Naturally, I continued on with a fifteen-year career working in various capacities of Human Services as a Program Director.

My relentless hustle and passion for fusing community with marketing have enabled me to work on exciting and meaningful community-oriented initiatives as the COO of PlanIt Sound Inc.  Projects and clients such as United Way, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation, Lurana Shelter Society, YOUth POWER  and E4C’s School Lunch Program, allow us to be the vessel for our talented youth to express themselves and are integral in keeping us grounded in community engagement.



“I learned to count 4 bars of music,
before learning to count to 10.”

A semi-retired rapper and shoe connoisseur, I was born with a passion for the arts, a knack for catchy creative, and an entrepreneurial spirit that was ingrained in my family from a very young age. By the age of four, I was performing songs from the Sound of Music at family parties.

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By the age of nine, I worked the cash register at the front of my parent’s Red Rooster standing on a milk crate so customers could see my face above the counter. I was paid with unlimited slushes, bags of chips and chocolate bars, every child’s dream come true. My father, a retired Philippine Consul General of Alberta, ran his office out of the back of our store. I learned very quickly that owning your own business gave you flexibility and endless responsibility all at once, and I wanted that.

Since then, my passionate pursuit of anything other than the nine to five grind has given me the chance to run world class events and concerts, execute creative marketing and promotional campaigns through an extensive radio advertising career, and develop invaluable business relationships and knowledge within a very diverse range of industries.

Through PlanIt Sound Inc, I get to fuse my hunger and expertise for imaginative creative, music and marketing, and I’ve never worked a day since our launch in 2009.